I have searched for this map for many incarnations...

and now, you can have it too, for free. A map of reality within a beautiful 30-page guide to take you through your life path, and the key principles that will help you navigate successfully and fulfil your highest potential.

Here's what people are saying about the map!

"Thank you, this guide is just the light I needed for this part of my journey.
I really don't know the words to describe how helpful it is, I'm trying to read it daily as a part of my morning ritual. Which reminds me, I need to read it now. Thank you!"
- Heather
"Gratitude Tal, for sharing such precious and transformative knowledge.
These 5 keys deeply touched my soul and my heart. You helped me a lot! I will be forever grateful for sharing such wise words. I was deeply impacted by your words. I confess that I even cried.
Gratitude, Gratitude Gratitude!"
- Mark
This guide is amazing! It's so clear and so touching, the whole time I was reading I felt I wanted to cry for some reason. Of joy of course, because I know this road map will get so many people to the wisdom of truth.
Thank you!

- Rachel

Finally, it's here:

Your Map of Reality

A priceless asset that will help you:

  • Discover your life path, and the 5 keys to unlocking real happiness, love and abundance.
  • See the landscape of your life clearly, so you can make forward movement towards your greatest goals, and save yourself years of wasted time.
  • Leave uncertainty and worry behind as you learn how to shift your reality and thrive in our uncertain times.

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